At GM Technology, we are always committed to the optimisation of our processes as well as sustainability, and cost-effectiveness of our R-OEM and R-GEN toner cartridge products.

That’s why,  – for production lots starting in April 2022 – , we are introducing two new models of monochrome remanufactured toner cartridges, which have been converted to be universal.

Last January, we introduced our innovative process of converting a range of Konica Minolta brand-specific OEM toner cartridges into universal cartridges and now, we are extending this range to monochrome toners as well.

These 100% original cartridges, go thru a conversion process to make them compatible with different models.

The process is completed by thorough and real-life quality testing, which meets all our quality standards (ISO, DIN and BS) and ensures an OEM equivalent performance, durability, and quality of these products.

The new R-GEN product is sold under the reference of GENBHUNI001 and it is compatible with Konica Minolta monochrome Bizhub 224E, 284E, 364E, 227, 287, and 367 series machines.

While the new GENBHUNI002 is compatible with Konica Minolta monochrome Bizhub 308, 308E, 368, 368E, 368E, 454E, 554E, 458, 458E, 558 and 558E series of machines.

Thanks to the introduction of these two new products, the production of 8 different series of toner cartridges has been reduced to just two universal models, so that production is now more efficient and optimised.

This revolutionary process also benefits our customers, as it allows to reduce the number of references in stock, and to have products compatible with different models.

In addition to these practical advantages, we reduce waste generation and create more sustainable products by using two models of toner bottles, avoiding the manufacturing of 8 different cartridges, and all the waste production that this would generate.

In short, this is a cost-effective, convenient and an overall win-win solution for our customers, designed to care for the environment and support the circular economy.



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