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Become a part of GM Partners family and access resources to help you develop new business opportunities, increase your sales and get the support required to achieve your goals. GM Partner Program provides you with all the tools and information to support your customers and to maximise sales for your business.They are designed to help you launch or increase the profitability of your cooperation with us. Signing up as a partner is totally risk free and provide excellent benefits to develop your business with our unique R-OEM Copier toner range or high-quality Remanufactured Copier toner range of products. 

Partner programs for R-OEM and GEN  toner distribution:

  • The starter level of our toner partner program will help you to launch our partnership on your market giving you competitive advantages from the get-go. 
  •  It is designed to help you build up and reach a minimum annual turnover of 50.000€ within the fi rst 12 month of our cooperation. 
  • Ideal if you are starting up in the copier segment or GM is a new supplier for you.
Gold Partner Program logo
  •  The advanced GOLD level is for you if you have a more consolidated customer base and ready to take a higher turnover commitment in exchange of increased profi tability and more benefits.
  •  It will help you grow towards a minimum annual turnover of 100.000€ within the fi rst 12 month and get you ready for the Platinum level. 
  • Ideal if you already have a good consolidated customer base and want to maximize profi ts off erint our top quality, unique on the market product range.
Platinum Partner Program logo
  • The platinum level is for consolidated country distributors looking to make higher profi ts and grow their marketshare.
  •  It requires a minimum of 220.000€ annual turnover commitment but will get you lower prices, increased rebates and higher bonuses.
Diamond Partner Program logo
  • This is the whole package to become the dominant player of the market. You have unparalleled fl exibility and exceptional support. You will receive a VIP service with your orders handled as priority. You can have the product your way and personalize your product labels for free without any volume limit. Enjoy increased profi ts and fl exibility with free shipping on all your orders above 3000€ all the time.
  • From a dominant position on your market you will turnover a minimum of 350.000€ and we will grant you price protection in your purchased product lines in your Country.
  • Ideal to lock out price competition and own the market niche of the high-quality remanufactured copier products.

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Reuse is better than new! End users and channel partners are realizing that refurbished hardware in the offi ce is not only the greener but the smarter deal too. Companies no longer need to overspend on new, over-spec and oversold hardware. Green Line provides the perfect smart alternative.

We designed a CIRCULAR ECONOMY PARTNER PROGRAM so you can capitalize on this opportunity and we can all be part of the circular economy movement. The demand for an OEM independent economic and ecologic printing solution is growing, and we would like to expand our reach and share the success. This program is the only one of its kind and we designed it to face the new challenges.

The 11 Benefits of becoming a Circular Economy partner:

1. First unit with a 50% demo-discount or up to the 3 first unit with a 30% demo-discount each.
2. No minimum order quantity.
3. Exclusive factory pricing without quantity requirement.
4. Free shipping for full 20” container and above.
5. Direct to customer drop shipping service with guarantee of confidentiality.
6. Priority order management.
7. Possibilities of machine personalization (sticker).
8. Optional financing of operations up to 90%.
9. Rebates up to 10% based on targets.
10. Special Factory pricing on O-R and Remanufactured toners (the perfect complement).
11. Special factory pricing on consumables.


Join the reuse revolution, become a GM Circular economy Partner

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