Remanufactured Components

Remanufactured Components

Apart of our remanufactured toner production we also remanufacture other copier consumables such as Developer Units, Drum Units, Transfer Belts, Fuser Units, OPC drums, Cleaning blades, Fuser Sleeves and more. Our own park of machines and many years of MPS experience showed us that high quality parts are the key to profitable machine maintenance. Unfortunately aftermarket copier consumables with real OEM equivalent performance are impossible to find so we opted for remanufacturing the Original ones. All our re-built modules are original modules rebuild with the highest quality premium aftermarket components.

Bulk Copier Toner

We can also offer premium quality tested and qualified aftermarket toner powder in bulk (10kg or 100kg barrels).



Although we operate a large industrial remanufacturing operations, the large infl ux of machines and toners still create a surplus of single use plastics. We can convert this surplus into a valuable raw material for remanufacturing and we are happy to share this resource with fellow remanufacturers to further reduce the load of single use plastics of our planet. To add the maximum value we pre-clean, re-polish, sort and as an option reset the chips on these toner bottles. These IP safe and toxic-free OEM empty toner bottles are ready to be re-refi lled to create an excellent remanufactured product.

Reset Chips

We offer pre resetted chips. Ask for more information.


M-PROG is a device developed at GM Technology and commercialized through out the world. Some of the advantages of using M-PROG instead of replacing chips are:

1. No transport costs
2. No chip removing
3. Low cost
4. Recycling instead of destroying.

This device offers the possibility to reset a large number of models of chips.