Second Hand Printing Equipment

Second Hand Printing Equipment

GM Technology receives more than 80.000 printing machines every year out of which we export more than 60.000. We can offer all major brands in large quantities. Our second hand machines can be offered in two different quality categories.


The Eco-Select machines are a premium selection of our second hand machines. They have the lowest counters (below 400K (A3) and 200K (A4)) and best physical conditions. They are going thru a pre-selection process, a total quality control cycle and a strict print and functional test protocol completed by a team of expert technicians. No parts are replaced but we can safely say that more than 50% of the lifecycle is still available. Hard disks are formatted, firmware’s are updated and a special internal and external cleaning process is done for the perfect product appearance. The Eco Select machines are the best second hand machines you can find on the market.


With the Eco Smart machines we can offer the broadest range and most affordable prices. It is the perfect choice when cost is a principal factor. All machines are still tested and all of them are in a perfect working condition passing the eco smart quality control process. We format all disks but apart of that we do not replace nor manipulate any parts. Counters are variable based on what we currently collect. The machines are being shipped with empty toner cartridges installed. Stocks are changing daily based on supply and demand. The Eco Smart machines are the best low cost solution on the second hand market.