Remanufactured Consumables

Remanufactured Consumables

We are the first and only one on the market who developed an industrial process to manufacture the unique R-OEM Copier Toner range at scale. We now remanufacture more than 50.000 toner cartridges per month. Our R-OEM Remanufactured toner cartridges are the only alternative which reduces printing costs and the need for single use plastics at the same time. It a  win win 2 in 1 one solution as with each cartridge we remanufacture there is 1 less to be produced and 1 less to be thrown into landfill.

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Copier Toners

R-OEM Toners (Original Remanufactured Toners) is a revolutionary concept in the printing market. It combines green-recycling + uniqueness that no other product can provide. OR Toners are made up of 100% recycled original cartridges, plus 100% resetted original chips, 100% original toner powder and neutral packaging which is an important contribution to the recycling of plastics in the world and a support to Circular Economy. Out of the 40.000 second hand we collect every year, we collect a minimun of 120.000 original cartridges containing original powder inside. These cartridges suffer a remanufacturing process (refer to the video) and the final result is: An original product with remanufactured parts and at least 30% cheaper than its OEM counterpart. This product has recently acquired ISO/IEC 19752, ISO/IEC 19798, and DIN 33870, warranty of performance, durability and quality. How can you acquire this Original Remanufactured Product with incredible discounts? Contact us for more information

Why choose original remanufactured toner?

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As reclaimed OEM toner powder is a precious and limited resource; we also off er an unlimited range of remanufactured toners where we use premium quality aftermarket toner powder partnering with market leading manufacturers from Japan.

The rest of the remanufacturing process and quality control is the same for maximum print quality yield and reliability.


A revolutionary concept. R-OEM toner cartridges are products made with the reuse of the original plastic toner bottle and 100% genuine reclaimed OEM toner powder.

A great and innovative way to produce sustainable, IP safe and OEM equivalent products at a very competitive price. All products are manufactured under the strictest ISO and DIN quality standards (ISO/IEC 19752, ISO/IEC 19798, and DIN 33870) and shipped in a brand neutral packaging.

Copier Consumables

High performance aftermarket consumables are very hard to fi nd on todays copier aftermarket therefore we also remanufacture and off er consumables such as Developer Units, Drum Units, Transfer Belts, Fuser Units, OPC Drums, Cleaning Blades, Fuser Sleeves and many more.

All out remanufactured OEM modules are made with premium aftermarket components to maximise profits.


Here you can find a short list of our most popular products we re-manufacture both in R-OEM or R-GEN versions.

You can find info of all quarters update and you can download it when ever you want.