Quality and environment policy

GM Technology as a company dedicated to “Imports, exports, leasing, renting, technical service and sales of new and used office machines, consumables and spares”, assumes the principle of continuous improvement as a main tool to guarantee the total satisfaction of the client, increasing his efficiency and competitiveness.

The technological vocation that involves the reason of belonging to GM Technology must cover all activities in a way that accurateness and clarity will always be present in actions taken as a company and individuals.

In order to achieve the total satisfaction of the client, GM Technology Management Department undertakes the incorporation of an Integrated Quality and Environment Management System based on regulations UNE-EN ISO 9001 and UNE-EN ISO 14001 establishing the compliance with marked management objectives which will move the company towards established goals.

By virtue of the foregoing, GM Technology Management Department commits itself to promote and implement management objectives that improve work processes, guaranteeing the fulfillment of legal and regulatory requirements, the reduction of impacts generated by the activity on the environment by controlling associated environmental aspects, as well as pollution prevention, and giving answer to clients’ needs and any other type of requirement undertaken by the company.

For all the above, the company will take the required measures in order to comply with the following aspect

  • Adequately train GM Technology staff for the tasks appointed by the company. The technical capability of our staff will be guaranteed by their continuous training in those tasks involving the achievement of marked goals.
  • GM Technology will guarantee the compliance of all requirements that are applicable to products and services by means of controlling sales to providers, assessing these providers based on applicable quality and environmental requirements and the criteria established by the company and the client.
  • Set out procedures ensuring the control of environmental aspects to reduce pollution generated by the activity and guaranteeing the increase in the efficiency of resources consumption in accordance with the activity performed.
  • Establish communication channels with clients for the quality control of final products in a way that the principle of continuous improvement is applied before, during and after productive processes of the company, thus contributing to the continuous improvement of products and services offered by GM Technology.
  • GM Technology will establish a plan for self-monitoring, revision of processes and results as well as for the correction of variances detected by internal audits resulting in the establishment of corrective actions guaranteeing marked objectives and quality and environmental criteria assumed by the company, as happens with the allocation of preventive actions.

The Management Department assumes this Policy as GM Technology commitment towards its clients and towards the rest of the society, pursuant to the achievement of goals and the task of continuously improving its activity.

The Management Department and GM Technology staff completely support the challenge of implementing and improving the system, since its success as a team will depend on the level in which everyone engages with the company.

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