What car dealers and copier dealers have in common in 2022?

As a copier dealer you have been living the global pandemic and economic shutdown that occurred in the spring of 2020 and very likely riding the supply chain waves and all the unique challenges manufacturers and customers are presenting across a whole cross section of businesses and industries.

The supply chain problems starts in China who produce the chips, raw material delays, covid related labour shortages lead to the long delays in shipping to Japan, assuming of course that you can secure a container and space on a ship, oh and find a lorry driver to deliver the container to the factory. Then more delays making the copier, getting the container to the port, getting it on a ship and then getting the ship to Europe – Current estimates are that delays are running at more than 26 weeks for some OEMs and the back orders are in the many tens of millions of euros.

The problems are not unique. Car dealers have similar issues. They can’t get new cars because motor manufacturers cannot source the chips used in manufacturing new cars and the delivery delays are running to more than six months for some models. Sound familiar?

The motor dealer’s solution is to sell preowned (KM0) cars that are generating premium returns as private and business owners who can’t secure a new car choose the preowned option. Now it is no secret that some dealers could sell scrap to the Martians, but the best earthly deals, at the best margins, tend to be for low milage, popular and well-maintained cars that just need a multi-point service, refurbishment and, like every car that goes up for sale it needs a good clean and polish.

The challenge is to source low milage, well maintained cars, that can be turned around quickly for maximum margin and customer satisfaction.

The preowned copier market is no different. The challenge is to source popular, well specified devices, with low page counts that have been well maintained and can be turned around quickly for maximum margin and customer satisfaction. That’s where we at GM Technology come in.

Our own MPS park of 15.000+ machines and our Europe wide, direct, first line access to off-lease machines, enables us to source market leading brands like Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Sindoh, Lexmark. These off-lease machines that are the latest newest models and very often still sold by the OEM and all have low page counts (below 100K (A4) and 200K (A3). These devices are the minimum criteria to enter the GM Technology Green Line product programme.

Green Line at a glance:
Market leading brands, the latest newest models often still sold by the OEM and all with low page counts.
• All machines are hand selected and pre-qualified by our experienced technical team before the remanufacturing process begins.
• Counters page counts are recorded and certified before being reset to 0.
• We check and replace all parts relating to print quality and device functionality that have more than 20% wear using only OEM parts. No low-quality, cheap, compatible parts are used in the Green Line remanufacturing process.
• To get the Green Line accreditation all machines are exhaustively quality checked, and print tested at the end of the remanufacturing process.
• But it is more than that: Our Green Line printers and MFP´s are certified by BSI under the BS 8887-220:2010 Design for Manufacture, Assembly, Disassembly and End-of-Life Treatment standard.
• Each machine ships with a 6-month warranty – unique in the sector!
Flexible financing options up to 90% up to 60 days are available, subject to status.

The Green Line programme delivers popular, well specified devices, with low page counts that have been well maintained and are in stock ready for you to turn around with your customers for maximum margin and customer satisfaction.

Green Line for the 21st Century – A big statement, but our range of Green Line equipment is sustainable too. No greenwashing, our machines are the “true circular economy solution” and have lower initial hardware investments and print costs while maintaining exceptional quality and full manufacturers guarantee.

Sustainability at a glance:
• All Green Line machines are first sold in Europe guaranteeing low carbon footprint and is a European KM 0 product. We do not ship machines around the world!
• All machines are remanufactured in house at our headquarters in Seville to guarantee continuous availability and reduced environmental impact
• All machines and toners are manufactured under strict ISO (9001, 14001, 27001), DIN 33870-1 and ISO / IEC 19752/19798 certifications.
• All machines comply with all European import, health, and environmental regulations (CE, Reach SVHC, EU RoHS, CLP, WEEE…etc).
• GM Technology’s Greenline printers and MFP´s are certified by BSI under the BS 8887-220:2010 Design for Manufacture, Assembly, Disassembly and End-of-Life Treatment standard.

Serious sustainability in action delivers great machines for maximum sustainable printing services (MPS) – Great value for your customers and maximum margin and customer satisfaction for you.

Green Line in action – Come and visit our facility and see sustainable remanufacturing in action. Contact us here to book a visit.

There’s more – apart from the great range of machines, we can provide optional software bundles (Nubeprint, OCR, Fiery, Paper Cut) as well as toner bundles with R-OEM and R-GEN remanufactured toners. There is no minimum order quantity, just fast and flexible customer service and delivery.

And even more – You have bought the machine now you can deliver the most cost efficient and most sustainable printing solution in today’s MPS market using your Green Line machines running on R-OEM toners.

Unique R-OEM toners – here at GM Technology we are the first and only company in the market that has developed an industrial process to manufacture the unique R-OEM Copier Toner range at scale. Every month we remanufacture more than 60.000 toner cartridges ensuring that our R-OEM Remanufactured toner cartridges are the only alternative that reduces printing costs and the need for single use plastics at the same time. A truly 2 in 1 one, win-win solution and every cartridge that we remanufacture means there is 1 less to be manufactured and 1 less to be thrown into landfill.

Green Line a true alternative as OEMs continue to face issues when it comes to keeping customers printing – The absence of microchips that are essential for a number of processes and are heavily used within larger devices with their hard drives and interfaces. Even the humble toner supply has a chip!

When it comes to consumables our R-OEM Remanufactured toner cartridges are a great swop for OEM supplies that continue to have visible trouble getting supplies to their customers. In fact, Konica Minolta’s supply woes of 2021 appear to be continuing well into 2022.

Green Line – Available, Sustainable, Profitable



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