Greenline - Premium Refurbished Machines

Supplier Multi-Brand nº1 in Europe

GreenLine machines are a “true circulareconomy solution” for officeprinting channel partners.
They allow lower hardware investments and provide better print costs while maintaining the “new, out-of-the-box” user experience.

We rebuild them only with OEM parts for exceptional quality and they come with our unique manufacturer’s guarantee.

“The most cost-efficient and most sustainable printing solution on today’s #MPS market are GreenLine Machines running on R-OEM toners.”

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Our GreenLine remanufactured product line offers the highest quality to our customers thanks to a rigorous remanufacturing process that meets the objective of not generating more waste by using resources in a more sustainable way.

foto 6_ Ricoh GreenLine

GreenLine Features

1. Market leading Brands – Currently available for Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Sindoh, Lexmark.

2. The latest newest models often still sold by the OEM – Due to our direct, fi rst line access to off -lease machines. 

3. All Green Line machines are hand selected and pre-qualified by our technical team before the remanufacturing process begins.

4. The counter of all Green Line machines is certifi ed and below 100K (A4) and 200K (A3) and set to 0. (counter certifi cate available .

5. All parts related to functionality and print quality are checked and above 20% wear are replaced.

6. No low-quality, cheap, compatible parts – Our machines are re-manufactured exclusively using OEM parts.

7. Each Green Line machine is submitted to exhaustive quality checks and print tests at the end of the remanufacturing process.

8. Brand new” – user experience – All machines ship with OEM-like new seals, shipping protectors, user manual and new box on a custom sized pallet. 

9. Green Line is a European KM 0 product. We do not ship machines around the world!.

10. All GM GreenLine machines are first sold in Europe guaranteeing low carbon footprint.

11. All machines are remanufactured in house at our headquarters in Seville to guarantee continuous availability and reduced environmental impact.

12. Every GreenLine and BlueLine machine ships with a 24-month warranty – unique in the sector!.

13. All machines and toners are manufactured under strict ISO (9001, 14001, 27001), DIN 33870-1 and ISO / IEC 19752/19798 certifications.

14. All machines comply with all European import, health, and environmental regulations (CE, Reach SVHC, EU RoHS, CLP, WEEE…etc).

15. Optional software bundles (Nubeprint, OCR, Fiery, Paper Cut).

16. Flexible financing options up to 90% up to 60 days. 

17. No minimum order quantity only fast and flexible customer service and delivery.

Remanufactured Process

GM Technology works with manufacturers committed to the environment that allow them to guarantee recycling.
Our great competitive advantage is to give value to the reuse of the products betting on a circular economy that promotes the optimization of resources in a more sustainable way.

Remanufacturing process