GM Technology introduces new South Africa partner

The South African based company, DeLace, will be GM Technology’s new official distributor for remanufactured original products. GM Technology presents its new official collaboration in South Africa. DeLace will be the distributor of remanufactured products, expanding GM Technology’s commercial network in Africa and Middle-East. DeLace is one of the largest providers of printing and copying

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GM Technology figures on the rise in 2020

Today we want to share with you an annual reflection on the state of the business and its figures that makes us understand the magnitude of what we do every day. The first thing we want to do is thank our customers and suppliers for the trust they have shown in us. Your support and

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Las cifras de GM Technology al alza en el 2020

El equipo de profesionales de GM Technology demuestra su capacidad de superación durante la pandemia Hoy queremos compartir con vosotros una reflexión anual del estado del negocio y sus cifras que nos hace comprender la magnitud de lo que hacemos cada día. Lo primero que queremos hacer es dar las gracias a nuestros clientes y

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Covid on paper and on other surfaces

GM Technology complies with all prevention measures against COVID-19 in all its printing services. The survival of viruses on surfaces and objects depends on the amount of pathogens and factors such as the quality of the surface depending on the material, temperature, humidity and solar radiation. Although according to scientific studies, no evidence of the

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GM Technology is a leader in Circular Economy

The current economic system is based on a linear economic model of production and provision of goods and services, implying an intensive use of natural resources and a very significant impact on the environment due to the waste and greenhouse gases that it generates. directly affecting climate change and biodiversity. In Europe, more than 2.5

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GM Technology is a national wholesaler of Pantum

PANTUM is the first laser printing company developed and manufactured entirely in China. PANTUM is in continuous development and innovation with advanced technologies to achieve reliable, cost-effective and environmentally committed equipment. PANTUM aims to be the leading global supplier in implementing its product line from the most basic print-only models, to others with more complex functions such as multifunction (incorporating scanner and photocopying function) and high-speed duplex

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