Introducing Europe’s First Eco-Friendly, Remanufactured Toners for the New Ricoh IMC xx10 Series

This year is proving to be one of many innovations and special releases at GM Technology.

After unveiling our new line of remanufactured EcoGreen machines earlier in the summer and introducing a new range of remanufactured toners in September for use in Ricoh, Xerox, Lexmark, Konica Minolta, Sharp, and Toshiba devices, we are pleased to announce yet another sustainable product.

After months of intensive work in our R&D Department, we are finally ready to offer our customers and partners remanufactured toner cartridges for a new generation of Ricoh printing devices.

This alternative will not only allow clients to save money but will also significantly contribute to sustainability.

The R-OEM and R-GEN Toners for the Ricoh IMC xx10 Series are Available from the 6th of November

Earlier this year, Ricoh set a new standard in laser printing technology with the introduction of their new IMC 2010 / 2510 / 3010 / 3510 / 4510 / 5510 / 6010 series, a set of devices that redefine quality, performance, and efficiency in the world of printing.

It is now possible to leverage the incredible productivity of these devices in a more environmentally responsible and sustainable way.

GM Technology is launching the first range of remanufactured toners in Europe for use in multifunctional devices from the Ricoh IMC xx10 Series.

These products will be in stock from November 6th in both R-OEM and R-GEN variants, offering a high-quality and sustainable solution for these next-generation devices.

Jose Ángel Muñoz, our Director of Operations, stated:

«Offering this unique range represents an opportunity for the coming years where significant global demand for this series of products is expected, as well as being a flagship product for our company».

This is the only range of remanufactured toner cartridges currently available for use in this series.

It’s an exclusive, efficient, and environmentally responsible product, allowing our customers to benefit from an eco-friendly printing solution for the latest, most cutting-edge devices.

Quality, Savings, and Sustainability

Like all GM products, the remanufactured toners for the Ricoh IMC xx10 Series have undergone a rigorous and certified remanufacturing process, ensuring their excellence and high performance.

Jose Ángel continued: «A key premise is the product’s total quality, which has been tested for over three months before being released to the market.

Additionally, the economic aspect has been considered, guaranteeing a reasonable manufacturing and selling cost to offer competitive advantages to our partners and customers».

In conclusion, the new R-OEM and R-GEN toners for the Ricoh IMC xx10 series provide cost-per-copy savings compared to OEM options.

But the environmental aspect should not be overlooked: there’s also a reduction in carbon footprint since all products are 100% remanufactured in Europe.

We are incredibly proud of this launch, enabling us to offer our partners and customers a line of print consumables for the market’s most advanced devices, which are also sustainable.

It represents a leap forward in the remanufacturing industry, destined to revolutionize users’ printing habits and guide them towards more environmentally responsible solutions.



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