Introducing Eco Green, GM Technology’s new line of remanufactured printing equipment

As part of its growth strategy for 2023, GM Technology is thrilled to launch a new line of remanufactured printing equipment called Eco Green.

In today’s global economic landscape, where access to financing is challenging and the need for sustainable solutions is paramount, GM Technology has made the decision to bring Eco Green to the market. This initiative aims to provide customers with a cost-effective and accessible alternative without compromising on quality.

In an interview with GM Technology’s Chief Operating Officer, José Ángel Muñoz, exciting details about this launch were revealed. Muñoz explained that the company’s goal is to offer high-quality remanufactured equipment at highly competitive prices. The product range will also be expanded to meet the diverse needs of various channels and audiences.

“Quality and a focus on remanufacturing are guaranteed in the Eco Green line,” emphasized Muñoz. He highlighted that GM prioritizes quality, conducting rigorous checks at every stage of the remanufacturing process. Specialized technicians pay attention to every detail, ensuring print quality, internal and external cleanliness, proper mechanical functionality, and sustainable packaging.

GM Technology has a specific target audience in mind for this new product. Building on their expertise in providing maintenance services for end-user printing equipment, Eco Green is particularly relevant for those looking to save on technical support and hardware amortization.

However, acquiring an Eco Green remanufactured printing equipment means more than just getting the device itself. Each unit comes with a complete set of GM-guaranteed toner, allowing customers to choose between R-OEM or R-GEN versions for optimal usage conditions, performance, and warranty.

July 2023: Eco Green Month at GM

When will this new remanufactured printing equipment be available? According to Muñoz, “after months of hard work and planning, we expect the equipment to be available for sale starting in July 2023.” To celebrate the launch, GM Technology plans to offer a 10% discount on orders placed during July and August.

Remanufacturing’s significance in the printing industry is undeniable, and more and more companies and public institutions are considering it to meet their printing needs.

GM Technology is a global leader in premium remanufactured printers and the first to market to manufacture the unique range of R-OEM toner at an industrial-scale. Over the past 30 years, they have also become Europe’s largest supplier of second-hand printing equipment.

Dedicated to recovering resources and extending product lifespan, GM Technology contributes to a more circular economy. Their facilities are solely focused on remanufacturing printers, components, and toner cartridges.

GM Technology’s remanufacturing process involves rescuing unused printing equipment that would otherwise end up in landfills. These devices are disassembled, cleaned, repaired, and reassembled using high-quality components. They undergo rigorous testing before hitting the market, ensuring that the remanufactured products deliver the same quality and performance as new ones.

In addition to reducing waste generation, remanufactured products help make the most of available resources and reduce the need for extracting and processing new materials. This, in turn, translates into significant cost savings for consumers and businesses opting for these products.

In summary, GM Technology’s Eco Green line represents a sustainable way to harness resources and reduce environmental impact. By offering high-quality remanufactured printing equipment at competitive prices, GM Technology demonstrates its commitment to the circular economy and provides clear benefits for the environment, society, and consumers alike.



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