GM Technology figures on the rise in 2020

Today we want to share with you an annual reflection on the state of the business and its figures that makes us understand the magnitude of what we do every day. The first thing we want to do is thank our customers and suppliers for the trust they have shown in us. Your support and your loyalty have allowed us to go far, so we can only do two things: keep improving and thank you.

However, during 2020 we have experienced a health crisis, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has brought down our daily schemes. In this situation, our main gratitude is above all to the daily response of the GM Technology team of professionals and technicians who have made an effort to overcome this health crisis.

During the pandemic, the need to establish a transition to global sustainability has taken on more meaning in a historical moment such as the one we are experiencing.

The market trend in our IT sector has suffered drops of up to 25% / 30%, with loss levels for businesses and hitting employment to a greater extent. Our commitment to the Circular Economy and sustainability has kept us afloat in this market crash, and we have even grown in number of jobs.

The 2020 figures allow us to have a photograph of the moment that reflects the increase in our data.

At the end of 2020 we are proud of the work of more than 180 people who have managed to invoice 17.5 million euros, 8% more than the year before. We would like to highlight a series of achievements, which have demonstrated our ability to overcome in times of crisis and have marked the evolution of this year 2020.


During the state of alarm GM Technology closed with a total of 154 workers (March 14 / June 21, 2020). At the close of 2020 we have 181 people. We have created 27 new jobs since the pandemic began.


The progress made at the production level during the pandemic has been very significant, with the number of loaded containers exported abroad having increased considerably since the state of alarm began. At the end of 2019 and the beginning of the pandemic, 82 containers were exported and at the end of 2020 we have increased the number to 174.


Our work with the Andalusian Health Service deserves special attention thanks to the entire SANITARY LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT (GLS) team and all the technicians who have allowed us to maintain the repair and maintenance work of the printing equipment linked to health activities, as well as to all the logistics of the professional material necessary for your tasks. We have to applaud the impeccable management and valuable work of our entire logistics department that has been carrying out its daily work, prioritizing and guaranteeing the supply to hospitals and health centers, in the most critical moments of the state of alarm.


GM Technology’s achievement has been the implementation of printing services with EPS equipment (Eco Print Solutions) at the Ramón y Cajal Hospitals and the 12 de Octubre University Hospital in Madrid, during home confinement in the state of alarm.


Fortunately, and appreciating the immense collaboration of our workers, in our company we have had few positive cases of COVID-19 and none serious, which we have quickly stopped, preventing the decrease in infections and the spread of the virus.

GM Technology has an important role in adapting to climate change, researching, understanding and sharing knowledge about this scenario, but above all, we have adopted actions aimed at ethical and responsible consumption in order to reduce the environmental impact in our planet.

The production of 1,027 units of remanufactured machines avoids the emission of 125 tons of C02 during one year, and the production of 100,200 units of remanufactured original toner avoids the emission of 116 tons of C02 during one year.



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