Covid on paper and on other surfaces

GM Technology complies with all prevention measures against COVID-19 in all its printing services.

The survival of viruses on surfaces and objects depends on the amount of pathogens and factors such as the quality of the surface depending on the material, temperature, humidity and solar radiation. Although according to scientific studies, no evidence of the virus is found after 24 hours.

The Food Safety Agency (AESAN) and the World Health Organization (OMS) agree in their conclusions where they report that “there is no evidence of contaminated containers, which have been exposed to different conditions and temperatures, transmit infection and disappearance virus after 24 hours ”. On the part of the Ministry of Health it affirms that “the permanence of the virus is no longer detected after 3 hours on the surface of the printing paper.

Newspapers or magazines are quite sterile and have not been shown to transmit the virus through them, due to the security precautions they have taken in the printing plants, distribution process and logistics chain.

As for the risk of contagion through cash, the OMS denies it and the European Central Bank stresses that “there is no evidence that the virus has spread through the use of coins and banknotes.

Regarding packaging, the OMS indicates that “it is very unlikely that it is transmitted through food or its packaging, since the virus needs an animal or human host to do so. However, it recommends using disposable containers and packaging.

Therefore, although the virus can survive for a short period of time on some surfaces, it is unlikely that it will spread through paper or cardboard, since they are porous surfaces and are less conducive to the stability of the virus, becoming one of the most resistant materials to COVID-19

The protection measures adopted by manufacturing and paper handling and transformation companies guarantee a high level of security against possible contamination.

GM TECHNOLOGY has its own logistical means that facilitate the safe and sustainable delivery of printed material orders.

GM TECHNOLOGY guarantees to all its customers the security of the handling and preparation of documentation and posters both at the time of printing and distribution.

GM TECHNOLOGY complies with all the safety and prevention measures indicated by the health authorities. Use of masks, distance between staff in their work stations, hydrogel, etc … in all areas of action.



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