We are the best remanufactured product in a print quality contest

Our GEN TK3190 cartridge wins the first phase of Russia’s quality printing competition against 36 Russian and 17 international brands

GM Technology participates in the International Open Quality Printing Contest organized by the Information Information Agency “BUSINESS-INFORM”​ y AQCMS (The Russian Association of Quality Consumables Manufacturers and Suppliers)

The First Stage of the Contest had the participation of 36 Russian and 17 international brands. Each brand has been represented during testing by 50 contest prints made by cartridges of the corresponding brand after every 500 prints with 5% coverage.

GM Technology sent a set of 50 prints made with our GEN TK3190 cartridge to the Russian organization for evaluation before April 10

The quality assessment was carried out by the specialists of the Information Agency “Business-Inform” together with the Russian Association AQCMS and various Russian and foreign laboratories.

After testing all the cartridges sent for the contest, 4 nominated cartridges and 4 nominated toners have been chosen by criteria of de facto performance, optical density dynamics, total number of defects of various types, etc.

The Information Agency “Business-Inform” (Russia) has declared the nominees of the International Open Quality Printing Competition (2021-01).

The Contest Nominees in the alternative cartridge section are: INTEGRAL 12100175 (Integral GmbH), GEN TK3190 (GM Tech), HYB-TK-3190-48, HYB-TK-3190-68 (HYB), the Nominees in the toner section for Kyocera TK-3190 son cartridge remanufacturing: IMEX YFX (IMEX), Mitsubishi UT19F5 (Delacamp AG), HYB TG-48, HYB TG-68 (HYB).

The results of the nominees for the competition will be included in the public report: “The best solutions in the field of office printing 2021”, published annually by the information agency “Business-Inform” and the supplier companies (Integral GmbH, GM Technology, HYB, RMS Ltd., Uniton Service Ltd.) as suppliers of alternative consumables for Kyocera printers in October 2021-September 2022.

In the next phase of the contest, the winners will be determined



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