“We are very proud to be the only nominee with a remanufactured cartridge”

Interview with Zoltan Matyas by the companies Information Agency “BUSINESS-INFORM”​ y AQCMS (The Russian Association of Quality Consumables Manufacturers and Suppliers)

The products presented by you for the OPEN QUALITY PRINTING CONTEST (2021-01) have become the Contest’s Nominee-products.

Tell us about this production (its manufacturing, quality control organizing during the manufacturing, possible volumes of supply into Russia).

We are very proud to be the only nominee with a remanufactured cartridge. This proves that our products are of the highest quality. They also help advancing towards a circular economy, reduce single use plastics and help to build a cleaner market for the future. All our products are remanufactured in house in Seville from a virgin empty cartridge manufactured by the original manufacturer of the corresponding printer or copier. This provides another very important benefit: 100% IP safety. The cartridges are processed in a controlled and certified industrial environment to assure total quality control. We are certified company by ISO 90001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and have the quality standard of DIN33870-1 and ISO/IEC19752 and ISO/IEC19798.

With current volumes up to 50.000 pcs per month and ready to grow we are looking for distribution partners in Russia to represent a premium quality and environmentally friendly alternative.

Do you have Russian partners supplying those products into Russia? Who are they? Who and where should the Russian resellers look for, should they wish to supply their customers with those products and the products of equal quality?

We are at the stage of expanding our international partner network. Russian market is within our priorities of growth, so we made the necessary investments. We have native Russian speaking colleagues and started to engage with the market already. We are now in the process of selecting the right partners to position our products correctly on the market to create a win-win opportunity. We developed a partner program where we can provide special pricing and conditions for distributors who wish to start this business with us. Now it’s the perfect timing to contact us to discuss a partnership.



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