Success of GM Technology at the international fair of Paperworld 2020

Our corporate booth showed our entire range of GreenLine remanufactured products

GM Technology has attended for the first time the international event Paperworld 2020 held in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) between January 25 and 28. The international Paperworld event dedicated to the stationery, office supplies and writing instruments sector, is the most important meeting point for the industry and a great opportunity to learn about the latest trends and innovations in the sector. Our company has been present as one of the main Spanish exhibitors showing the full range of remanufactured printing equipment and supplies. With an innovative design and with a graphic image that encourages our environmental commitment in the fight against climate change, our stand has been decorated with green, with natural elements, and with symbols that remind us that we are on “climate alert” and that we must to do something to change our business model and our way of selling and consuming. With a powerful and clear message What if all products lasted longer? We value reuse; our corporate stand 6.1A58 has served as a showcase for our products, where different models of remanufactured printing equipment and consumables have been exhibited Jose Ángel Muñoz and Paul Clemet, production manager and CEO of GM Technology respectively, have been responsible for receiving large companies, industry experts and specialists interested in learning about the remanufacturing process of our products and our circular and sustainable business model. In addition, the complete team of commercials of the international channel of GM Technology; Nuria Padilla, Nordin Yacobi and Federico Savoldi , have attended the thousands of visitors who have come to our stand eager to check the quality and reliability of our remanufactured products. Our business colleagues have worked intensively and efficiently during the 4 days of the fair, generating a lot of business and expanding the network of international contacts. A complete vision of the market with the largest range of Office and Stationery products in the world With nearly 1500 registered exhibitors from 60 countries the annual Paperworld fair opened with thousands of visitors with the intention of meeting, connecting, trading and chatting with the wide range of companies that have come from all corners of the industry and of all the world. “Environmental protection and sustainability are not short-lived hot topics. On the contrary, an awareness of these problems has been established in the stationery and office sector, which manufacturers, buyers and consumers address in a variety of ways ”explained Michael Reichhold, Director Paperworld, at the opening. The international Paperworld fair has met their expectations with very positive comments and high demand from customers who have sought proactive and environmentally responsible companies to offer quality products and services.



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