It is World Remanufacturing Day at GM Technology

In celebration of World Remanufacturing Day or Reman Day, we encourage remanufacturing to increase the circular economy through the efficient reuse of available resources.

As part of our celebration of this important day, GM Technology wanted to give visibility to our activity, as well as involve our colleagues from our GreenLine copier and toner remanufacturing workshops, whose work is essential to the restoration of this printing equipment.

The purpose of this day is to raise awareness about remanufacturing

The Remanufacturing Industries Council established Reman Day in 2017 to raise awareness of the remanufacturing industry and its economic, environmental, and social benefits.

The global economy has traditionally concentrated its production processes on extracting raw materials, manufacturing products, and discarding them when they no longer function as intended.

A study conducted by the European Commission indicates that the EU produces 35 million tonnes of waste every year, 261 tonnes of CO2 is released into the atmosphere, and 30 tonnes of resources are wasted because defective products are disposed of in landfills rather than being repaired or reused.

Moreover, replacing goods rather than repairing them costs European consumers approximately €12 billion per year.

As a result of remanufacturing, resources and raw materials can be salvaged and reintroduced into the market, extending their useful life cycle, and allowing objects that have not yet reached the end of their useful lives to be reused.

It is an opportunity for remanufacturing companies around the world to celebrate Reman Day, which highlights the benefits of remanufacturing and encourages its adoption, as well as to thank and recognize those companies and organizations involved in this crucial practice.

The heart of our business is remanufacturing

With our remanufacturing efforts, we help promote a more circular economy by recovering resources and extending the life of products.

Our facilities are exclusively dedicated to the remanufacturing of printers, components, and toner cartridges. As part of our recycling program, we salvage unused printing equipment that would otherwise end up in landfills, disassemble it, clean it, repair it, replace worn components, and reassemble it to produce a like-new product.

As a result of our use of high-quality components and rigorous testing of equipment, before it is released for sale, we can ensure that remanufactured products offer the same level of quality and performance as new products.

In addition, they reduce the amount of waste produced by using available resources to manufacture them, which reduces the need for new resources to be extracted and processed.

Consequently, consumers and companies that use them can save significant amounts of money, as remanufactured products are usually cheaper than new products.

In summary, remanufacturing reduces environmental impact and uses resources sustainably, resulting in benefits for society, the environment, and the consumer.

Reman Day at GM Technology

It is a fundamental recurring event at GM Technology, and this year we are celebrating Reman Day by highlighting the work of our colleagues in the copier remanufacturing and toner remanufacturing workshops.

It is our goal to raise public awareness of the benefits and opportunities offered by remanufacturing, which are often unknown to the public.

We are celebrating Reman Day to encourage businesses and consumers to consider remanufactured products as an alternative to reduce their environmental impact and help create a more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and circular economy.



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