GM Technology refuses single use plastic in its toner cartridge packaging – Interview with Daniel Romero

Every aspect of GM Technology revolves around sustainability and we have always been committed to continuous improvement to minimize the environmental impact of our activities.

Reducing waste and using resources are the two fundamental pillars of our business, but recently we have decided to expand our environmental strategy, improving our production process to prevent pollution and the generation of new waste.

Starting last Monday, November 14, we have begun to replace the plastic bags we used to pack our toner cartridges with sustainable bags made of kraft paper and vegetable cellulose, which are completely ecological, biodegradable and recyclable

This is a small change that causes great benefits for the planet. We will stop introducing single-use plastics into our production process, so they do not end up in landfills, in the oceans or in the natural environment.

In this interview, Daniel Romero, our Toner Factory Operations Manager explains the changes that have been made and what they mean for the environment.

How has GM Technology changed its toner packaging?

The change consists of removing and replacing the plastic bag that was used to pack the toner cartridge with an environmentally friendly kraft paper bag.

What materials were previously used to pack toners?

Normally we used a transparent single-use plastic bag.

How is the new packaging made? What materials are used?

The base of the new packaging is made using kraft paper. The transparent part of our bag is made of vegetable cellulose film.

Is it environmentally friendly? Completely sustainable and ecological?

Yes, the paper and the fils are both made from natural materials derived from wood and vegetable cellulose and they are recyclable and fully biodegradable.

How much plastic is saved thanks to the new packaging?

Considering the volume of our production, which is about 2,000 toner bottles a day, we can save 10,000 plastic bags per week.

Why has GM decided to make this change?

Because circularity is in our DNA. We are continuously looking for new ways to make our products greener and reduce their environmental impact.

Do you think GM customers will be happy about this change of packaging?

Yes. Major part of our customer base buys our remanufactured toner products for their environmental benefit. Consumers are increasingly aware of the critical situation of our planet and its limited resources and are ready to take action.

What benefits do you see in environmentally friendly materials?

I believe we all must take care of the planet with real and practical actions. Eliminating single-use plastics whenever possible is an easy and smart way to counter the amount of waste we generate.



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