GM Technology is a national wholesaler of Pantum

PANTUM is the first laser printing company developed and manufactured entirely in China.

PANTUM is in continuous development and innovation with advanced technologies to achieve reliable, cost-effective and environmentally committed equipment.

PANTUM aims to be the leading global supplier in implementing its product line from the most basic print-only models, to others with more complex functions such as multifunction (incorporating scanner and photocopying function) and high-speed duplex printing. In this way, it covers the needs of customers in the technological aspect.

PANTUM is a clear example of the best quality at the best price.

PANTUM is backed by 17 years of experience in the printing industry. Its expansion policy has allowed it to enter the world market in a very short time with great acceptance. PANTUM laser printers compete in the international market with printers from the most recognized and established brands in this sector.

PANTUM printers are marketed and distributed worldwide.

GM TECHNOLOGY continuing its business philosophy and commitment to the environment, has reached agreement with the firm PANTUM to be the national wholesaler of this firm to settle in Spain. This ensures its expansion and introduction into the domestic market.

GM TECHONOLY as a national wholesaler, is committed to marketing and distributing PANTUM printing equipment. PANTUM products are aimed at customers of medium and large companies, the educational market, the self-employed market, among others.

The PANTUM equipment to be distributed by GM TECHNOLOGY as a national wholesaler stands out for their speed in printing in A4 format, because it’s a small size so you can work from home or office and with the ability to print from anywhere where we’re on Wi-Fi. They are organic products because they are manufactured with recyclable materials also with the lowest possible energy consumption. Unlike other brands, the frame is metallic and not plastic, which leads to a vibration-free printing.

PANTUM has not only managed to be one of the best brands in the market worldwide, but thanks to its high technology, quality and the relationship between consumption and performance, it has been awarded European energy labels. As well as different ISO certifications that guarantee the high quality and reliability of its products.

On the other hand, comment that Apex Technology Co., Ltd. are the shareholders of Pantum. Apex Technology Co., Ltd. designs, manufactures and markets inkjet and laser cartridge components. Including cartridge chips, rollers, toner, ink and other important parts for remanufacturers and distributors. It is one of the largest manufacturers and providers of global aftermarket imaging supplies and cartridge chips. Apex built its global sales network in more than 100 countries, leading the industry in its core competitiveness in patents and technologies.



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