Circular March: Renewing Our Commitment to Sustainable Office

The arrival of March brings a sense of renewal, perfect for reflecting on how our daily actions impact the environment.

We firmly believe at GM that conscientious practices and well-informed decision-making are the first steps toward sustainability. This month, we invite you to consider remanufacturing and reusing printing equipment as central pillars to transform your workplace into a greener space.

Transforming the Office with Sustainability

When reviewing the printing needs in your office, you will find opportunities to reduce unnecessary consumption. This simple action not only benefits the planet but also optimizes operational costs.

Opting for remanufactured printing equipment is a significant step toward this goal. Despite what the general public believes, these devices preserve quality and functionality while also lessening the environmental impact of producing new ones. Remanufactured equipment can have an environmental impact reduction of up to 60% when compared to new equipment, according to industry reports.

Implementing sustainable printing policies, such as double-sided printing and the use of recycled paper, complements these initiatives. Moreover, recycling ink and toner cartridges becomes essential, as a single recycled cartridge can save approximately two liters of oil, reducing the amount of waste ending up in landfills.

Educating and raising awareness among your team about the importance of these actions is equally crucial. An informed workforce is more likely to adopt and maintain responsible practices that significantly contribute to the health of the planet.

The Positive Impact of Remanufacturing

Remanufacturing not only has a significant positive environmental impact by reducing the demand for natural resources and decreasing waste production, but it also provides economic benefits.

Remanufactured equipment can represent substantial savings, enabling resources to be utilized more efficiently within the company. Furthermore, these equipment undergo rigorous testing processes, ensuring their performance and reliability.

A recent study by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation highlights that the adoption of circular practices, including remanufacturing, could generate cost savings of up to 1 billion dollars annually globally by 2025.


This March, we encourage you to bring spring to your office not only with plants and decorations, but with sustainable actions that make a real difference. Remanufacturing and reusing printing equipment are fundamental steps in this journey toward sustainability.

 At GM, we are committed to leading by example, embracing and promoting practices that protect our planet for future generations. Additionally, we can assist you in adopting this change. Shall we talk?



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