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Global leader of Premium Refurbished
Photocopiers and R-OEM Copier Toner

GM Technology offers a complete and sustainable printing service following Circular Economy objectives, working hard for a more sustainable planet, more responsible and cleaner.

All Products

Greenline – Premium
Refurbished Machines

Our GreenLine product line
offers the highest quality and
performance thanks to the
rigorous remanufacturing
processes and quality controls.

Second Hand Printing

We supply a large range of
second hand machines with
the most competitive pricing in
the market.


All our toners fulfill the highest
quality and performance
criterias of the market,
both O-R toners and
Remanufactured toners.


We can also supply
components such as empty
toner cartridges, resetted
chips, bulk powder and much


More than 45,000 machines a year. 16,000 equipment in permanent stock.
With Europe’s largest warehouse of Refurbished and Second Hand Machines.


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Refurbished Machines

Our GreenLine product line offers the highest quality and performance thanks to the rigorous remanufacturing processes and quality controls.

Original Remanufactured
Copier Toner

Our R-OEM toners achive the highest criteria in terms of quality, durability, performance and compatibility of the market. Distinguished with quality certifications such as ISO 19752, ISO 19798, and DIN 33870.

Leaders in
Circular Economy

GM Technology is committed to the environment and works directly with the manufacturers to source the highest quality second-hand machines for the Green Line remanufacturing process.

Reuse and circular economy is part of our DNA since many years.

Our competitive advantage is the ability to select and remanufacture the highest quality printing hardware in the most eco-friendly way possible.


Quality and Service

GM Technology offers the major brands of all digital printing machines, large-size digital printing and consumables, with a large and unique pre and post sale service and warranty in all our products. We are specialized in brands such as RICOH, KONICA MINOLTA, XEROX, LEXMARK, CANON or SINDOH, among others, in a circulant stock within 13.000 and 16.000 devices.

Distribution Partners

We have partner programs adapted to each of our product line (consumables and machines) and each market. ¡work with us!










Our facilities are bigger than 11.000 m2 including more than 16.000 second-hand and refurbished machines in stock – The biggest stock in Europe. We commercialize our products in all countries of the world, offering low-rated transport costs and short delivery times.

Top 10 reasons to work with us

1. Leaders with more than 27 years in the printing business.
More than 27 years experience in printing services and supplies, as well as sales of printing devices, reaching the first position of the top of Spanish companies and one of the biggest companies in the world in relation to refurbished, second-hand and brand new printing machinery.
6. Logistics.

Our facilities stock more than 16.000 second-hand and refurbished machines in stock. We commercialize our products in all countries of the world, offering low-rated transport costs and short delivery times.

2. Import-Export Department.
We have a clear strategy to expand our services and products in all countries with a team composed of professional and qualified multilingual people and a big network of partners in all the world.
3. Sustainability and Environment.
Circular Economy is our main axis for business, we promote all practices that protect the environment, that support local communities and that provoke positivies impacts in society.
7. Flexibility and compromise.
Each customer is different for us so we have partner programs adapted to each of our product line and each market.
8. Complete compatibility with OEM products.
Thanks to our self-made technology we make sure all components are 100% equivalent to OEM parts and consumables. Always fulfilling the highest quality standards and printing performance.
4. We Generate Savings.
We reduce all the production costs to be able to offer a competitive and low price to our customers, generating competitivity and profitability in our customers and partners.
9. Quality Warranty.
Quality is our main issue. We design, manufacture and remanufacture top quality products and technology, with all quality controls to guarantee the best quality and warranty. Everything is set up accordingly with an incredible team of professionals and an efficient method of work.
5. Research and Development: R&D.
We invest and develop self-made technology to obtain unique and economical products with the highest quality of the market, such as O-R Toners.
10. We love what we do.

We are a team with more than 200 professionals with a common target: to offer the best service at the best price, respecting the environment and taking into account, the limited resources of our planet.


“R-OEM Toner changed my business in the last 3 years. Same performance as I used to have with OEM toners with saving of 40%!

Wolfgang Pieter
Toner Distributor
“Surprised by their after-sales service, congrats!”
Petya Ivanov
Printing Press Owner
“Great service and the best quality I´ve ever seen before in Refurbished Machines”
Armando González
Distributor of Printing Devices

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