Zoltan Matyas

Zoltan Matyas joins GM Technology

GM Technology has appointed Zoltan Matyas as its Director of International Business Development to accelerate its global growth strategy.

The move is GM Technology’s response to boost its international growth strategy. Matyas will focus on developing key collaborations and taking the GM Technology strategy into global markets where their unique business model can be replicated in partnership with local partners, the company explained.

GM Technology has grown in all the sectors they operate. Despite heavy competitive pressures, sees further growth opportunities in other international markets, the company added.

Matyas has 17 years of marketing, sales and business development experience. Besides, he has worked for market leading firms in the independent office printing market.

Commenting on his recent move Zoltan Matyas said: “GM Technology is a great fit where my experience and skills in business development and my passion for circular economy and remanufacturing will meet and can be used to their furthest extent to generate growth and synergies. I am highly motivated to help such a dynamic company to reach its business goals. GM Technology is in a growing phase and I’m looking forward to drive that growth further.”

GM Technology’s Chief Executive Jose Angel Muñoz said he was “thrilled” to have Matyas with the company. “We’ve known Zoltan for years and know well his in-depth knowledge, experience and great reputation within our business community. We look forward to the new opportunities and growth he can bring to the company. Adding a leader like Zoltan to our team will certainly help our staff and our customers to benefit from the knowledge and guidance he brings to the table,” Muñoz added.



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