GM Technology displays its Eco Print Solution business model for sustainable printing at international tradeshows such as Remanexpo, IT Partners and Gitex Africa

GM Technology will return to international trade fairs in 2023 following two years of absence due to the global pandemic. The exposure at these events allows GM to reach a global audience. The event will also give GM the opportunity to network with professionals and companies in the office printing industry and learn about the

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Consumers in the EU are proposed to have a ‘right to repair’

Last March, the European Commission proposed legislation to protect the right of European consumers to repair defective or non-working products. As part of the European Green Deal, the Commission has pursued a comprehensive package of green transition initiatives, including product eco-design and consumer empowerment. The purpose of all these initiatives is to reduce waste and

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It is World Remanufacturing Day at GM Technology

In celebration of World Remanufacturing Day or Reman Day, we encourage remanufacturing to increase the circular economy through the efficient reuse of available resources. As part of our celebration of this important day, GM Technology wanted to give visibility to our activity, as well as involve our colleagues from our GreenLine copier and toner remanufacturing

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The four major trends in the print industry

Following the recent health, economic, energy and supply crises, the print industry faces the challenge of adapting to the new environment. Keeping up with global changes is essential to the future success of the company’s products and services. A summary of four key industry trends has been developed by GM Technology to understand the upcoming

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GM Technology celebrates the week of equality and sustainability

The 8th of March is dedicated to making visible, reflecting, and raising awareness of the importance of equal rights for all human beings, regardless of their gender. As GM Technology, we would like to take advantage of this significant date to emphasize the importance of respect not only between humans but also between all living

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Spain, among the first countries in Europe to control third-country imports of electrical and electronic equipment

Until a little over a month ago, no European state-controlled imports of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), batteries, and accumulators (P&As) from third countries. Most of these products violate several European regulations regarding the manufacturing, marketing, and use of hazardous substances. In addition, they fail to properly dispose of waste generated at the end of

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