Quality Group Services

Quality Group Services: new partner in Colombia

The Colombian company, Quality Group Services, will be GM Technology’s new official distributor for remanufactured original products.

GM Technology presents its new official platinum partner in Colombia. It will be the official distributor of remanufactured products, expanding GM Technology’s commercial network in Latin American countries.

Quality Services Group SAS, is one of the largest providers of printing and copying solutions in the Colombian national market. They are specialised in offering services, through the implementation of printing, copying, scanning and large format equipment.

Currently, the company has more than 16 years of experience and about 2,800 solutions installed nationwide. This supports a solid and reliable track record for its customers.

GM Technology explained that the Quality Services Group seeks customer satisfaction in order to always meet their expectations, where excellence in its products is based on the quality policies of its company which allows it to deliver an excellent service with the best quality, maintaining a continuous improvement in all its processes.

GM Technology added that both companies see environment and caring for the environment as fundamental pillars of their company’s policy which makes this partnership a very good fit.

Only recently, GM technology announced that Insupart Limitada is its new official partner for Chile.



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