Green Friday

Green Friday deals: GM Technology’s new promotion

The company has launched its special Black Friday campaign, but calling it Green Friday.

GM Technology’s deals for its Green Friday promotion include two colour and mono copiers from Konica Minolta at the lower speed range which the company says are extremely high in demand. The models speeds are 22ppm and 27 ppm. Pricing starts from as low as €325 ($385).

Zoltan Matyas, Director of International Business Development, said: “We want to raise against the crazy and useless consumption of single use and short lifecycle products. For this reason we calling our campaign green Friday.”

The offers run from 16 -27 November and include toner cartridges. For further information directly about these offers please contact GM Technology at or by phone +34 954 680 317.

For more information on the above and other product lines within the GM Technology product portfolio, please don’t hesitate to visit our site  and contact us.



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