GM Technology does’t stop growing substantially despite the pandemic

The company continues to see unprecedented growth despite the coronavirus pandemic, economic downturn and lockdown began in March this year. 

From their base in Seville, Spain, GM Technology serves clients in all 27 EU member states as well as Africa, Middle East, Asia and Latin America. The day the lockdown and state of emergency was declared in Spain because of the pandemic the company had 166 employees. A few weeks into their circular economy growth marketing strategy.

Seven months later the picture has changed significantly at the company.  Now it has 204 employees and 3 freelance agents developing new sales territories for the company.

The expanded international sales team closed an all-time record month in September that boosted their Q3 (July-August-September) that delivered a staggering 107% increase in volume resulting in the export of 81 containers to various markets globally.

The strength of the growth has prompted the company to bring forward their new diamond partner programme for their channel partners.

On the hardware equipment side the company collected more than 3100 used devices in September alone saving them from recycling or landfill.

The company reports that their copier remanufacturing plant is now outputting more than 50,000 remanufactured copier toner cartridges per month, including the unique R-OEM range filled with genuine reclaimed OEM toner.


GM Technologies Green Line manufacturing plant is running on full capacity and currently we are selling more green line refurbished machines than we can make. In the third quarter we remanufactured and sold more than 400 machines.

According to Zoltan Matyas, GM Technologies Director of International Business Development, attributes this growth in times of pandemic as “a great proof that the circular economy is not only great for the environment but creates local jobs as well.

Our focus on cost-saving, profitability and circular economy made us a clear market leader in this sector. Combine this with our highly skilled multilingual sales team, who have extensive experience dedicated exclusively to the international market. This approach allows us to develop unique and outstanding trade relationships.”



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