Firmware: GM Technology has Ricoh solution

GM Technology updates the market on their response to the recent firmware update by the Japanese OEM, Ricoh.

On 9 March  GM detected a firmware update causing problems with compatible cartridges in Ricoh IM C series machines and some MP C series models.

GM Technology immediately conducted more research and verified that the new update does not affect its remanufactured toner cartridges.

With its own unique reset technology, the company can reuse original chips and return them to their original factory condition.

This allows GM Technology to offer three solutions:

  1. Remanufactured toner cartridges with original or aftermarket toner fitted with an OEM reset-chip. With this solution, we can guarantee an OEM equivalent quality and operation with a significant environmental benefit.
  2. Eco Cartridges: empty toner cartridges, cleaned and reconditioned with an OEM reset-chip in boxes of 50 units. The cartridges comply with all the necessary OEM patents and are an economic and ecologic solution for those companies that want to remanufactured.
  3. Reset chips and reset machines: We can supply large quantities of reset OEM chips, as well as our resetting machine with our own technology based on a credit system. GM Technology added: “With the full range of our products we offer partner programs with exclusive prices, rebates of up to 10% or the possibility of product customisation, among other benefits.”

For more information on the above and other product lines within the GM Technology product portfolio, please don’t hesitate to visit our site  and contact us.


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